There are a number of reasons one may choose to sell their minerals or royalties. 

- Use the cash now. You may need cash now to pay off other debts, or you may choose to make other investments, such as saving for retirement or creating a college savings plan.

- Reduce your tax liability.  As a mineral owner, you may be subject to several different taxes, and selling your mineral rights could reduce the tax burden as well simplify your tax reporting. We recommend you consult with your CPA for any and all tax-related advice. 

- Simplify estate planning. It can be difficult & expensive transferring and dividing your mineral assets among your heirs, while distributing cash can be much easier and less costly.

- Eliminate uncertainty. Oil & gas is an uncertain commodity and is subject to factors outside of your control. Mineral rights are also considered a "depleting asset" meaning the majority of your royalty payout will be early in the life of the well and will decrease over time.